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Preschool Children’s Program

Awesome Kids Martial Arts Classes in Akron Teach Life Skills!

Our youngest martial arts program will enhance positive development in a fun and motivating way.


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3½ - 6 Yrs

Preschool Children’s Program

The First Step in a Lifelong Journey

At Zahand’s Martial Arts, we have designed a special Preschool program for children ages 3½ to 6. Kids at this age are growing quickly and this program focuses on their specific physical and mental needs. The wide spectrum of maturity levels among 3½ to 6-year-olds makes this age group a challenging one. We provide a fun and engaging curriculum that appeals to students of all abilities. Drawing on the values and techniques he has learned from a lifetime of martial arts experience, Shihan Larry Zahand creates a unique program that is targeted toward our youngest martial artists.

Zahand’s Martial Arts program teaches pre-schoolers
and children discipline

Our well-trained staff gives kids the patience they need and keeps training fun. Our instructors enforce good behavior in our classes, with the expectation that students will also continue behaving properly at home and in school. Our kids martial arts program goes beyond your normal creeds and sayings to assist you in raising a determined and successful child. We are committed to our students' growth, helping each of our students learn to assess their personal strengths and weaknesses when overcoming challenges. We provide age-specific programs that are built specifically for each group's needs. Our special "edu-tainment" of teaching is designed to captivate kids' attention and make learning exciting, as we teach them valuable skills they can use for the rest of their life.

Your child will improve their attention span, which will help them focus better at home and school and improve their learning abilities.

Your child will develop their ability to overcome challenges. They will sharpen their problem-solving abilities, both alone and as part of a team.

Students will learn to overcome fear and nervousness through their martial arts training.

The structure and tradition implemented in martial arts will help your child improved their self-discipline.

As they work through the moments, your child will benefit from improved balance, body posture, and technique.

Martial arts is an excellent form of exercise, helping kids stay healthy and improve their physical fitness.

Through regular practice and repetition, your child will learn the importance of good technique, which will increase their athletic ability.

Your child will participate in various drills that will help them maintain and improve their flexbility.

Our Belt Reward System improves children’s self-esteem

Zahand’s Martial Arts takes belt promotion seriously, maintaining a focus on patience, determination, and goal-setting. Our students work hard to earn their belts through repetition and commitment to their training. This creates a boost in confidence and a strong sense of satisfaction as each belt is earned.

What Makes Zahand’s Martial Arts Unique?

  • We've proudly served the Akron, Ohio community for over 20 years.
  • Our cutting edge facilites are fully-matted and immaculately clean.
  • We offer a belt rewards system with theme-based, age-specific curriculum.
  • Our class schedule has convenient times for everyone.
  • Our proven methods have produced thousands of happy students.
  • Our classes are separated based on age and ability.

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Preschool Children’s Program