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At Zahand’s Martial Arts, we provide our students with elite instruction in Traditional Karate-do, Judo, and Jiu-Jitsu. Our programs will help you reach new levels of excellence in all areas of your life, both on and off the mat. From traditional martial arts to more modern self-defense styles, there is something for everyone at Zahand’s Martial Arts. Whether you’re a member of our Kid’s or Adult Martial Arts programs, you’ll leave class with improved focus, self-discipline, and confidence. Our students have a strong sense of respect, for themselves and those around them, and we promote a positive learning environment that is free from intimidation, vulnerability, and negativity. The team attitude in our classes is both unique and contagious, helping us to create a positive culture within our school.

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3 Kids Martial Arts Classes

  • 3 Classes with a Certified Instructor
  • FREE Karate Uniform $40 Value
  • No Risk. No Contract.
  • Limited Time Only. Offer Ends August 31st!
$ 19.95 / 3 Classes

3 Adult Martial Arts Classes

  • 3 Classes with a Certified Instructor
  • FREE Karate Uniform - $40 Value
  • No Risk. No Contract.
  • Limited Time Only. Offer Ends August 31st!
$ 19.95 / 3 Classes

3 Preschool Martial Arts Classes

  • 3 Classes with a Certified Instructor
  • FREE Little Dragons Karate Uniform - $40 Value
  • No Risk. No Contract.
  • Limited Time Only. Offer Ends March 31st!
$ 19.95 / 3 Classes

Virtual Private Lesson | New Members

  • 1 Week with a Certified Instructor!
  • One Complimentary Virtual Private Lesson!
  • No Risk. No Contract.
  • Limited Time Only!
  • **FREE Official Uniform - Contact for More Information
$ 19.95 / 1 Week

Virtual Private Lesson | ZMA Members Only

  • 1 Class with a Certified Instructor!
  • No Risk. No Contract.
  • Current Members Only!
  • Limited Time Only! Offer Ends August 31st!
FREE / 1 Class

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I have done my research looked at the reviews and word-of-mouth this is by far the cleanest most professional place around I'm very pleased with the kindness the concern for each and every student they treat you like family and if you joined the family they take you under their wing my son is so pumped and excited he's only been to one session and he absolutely loves it and it will make every parent proud and happy he's excited about doing extra chores around the house and work with the community to earn his badge they're very knowledgeable and very talented I want to thank each Sensei and employee for all their hard work they do make a difference and all these children's lives their role models their protectors and they are leaders if you want your child to have a stability discipline in great knowledge of protection manners be a leader this is the place to be in this facility now after my son being a member I've seen a great structure and his daily life in in his daily routines it is a wonderful life experience also great Focus skills discipline this is the place to bring out each child Talent love discipline focus and bring them out of their shells and show their true core my son Garrette is my world and my everything he's really wanted to be in this for the Long Haul he is fully dedicated and has shown great structure and just after 1 session it is amazing to see your child being great hands with people that have such great knowledge about teamwork team effort and life lessons my son is the smallest of his class and tends to get bullied this way they will teach him how to defend himself not fight but defend learn how to fall Learn how to protect himself for his future as a young man. If you join Zahands martial arts you cannot go wrong you'll be extremely pleased. I want to personally say thank you for giving my son the opportunity to grow up to be a respectful man in the community and school at home and most of all have him believe in himself. If I can give the rating more stars I surely would I hope each and everyone of you that read this will really consider joining your children and at least go in and speak with all the Sensei you'll be highly satisfied and once again with his martial arts you cannot go wrong that's the best part of it and I truly believe if this generation has further structure it will make a difference and that's what this facility does is make a wonderful difference!!!!!

Kids Martial Arts Cuyahoga Falls

Veronica L.

To say I was not sold on the whole karate thing would be an understatement. As a combat veteran, I did not put a great deal of stock in the martial arts. This thought process for sure ranks in the top five all-time mistakes on my part. My son has been attending the school now for a little over a month and I'm now a believer. My first impression of the school was how clean and squared away the facility was. Everything in its place. The next thing was the curriculum. All classes were planned well ahead of time and lessons build on each other flawlessly. Cost of classes though not the cheapest in town were in my opinion reasonable in comparison to others in the area. Then I observed the classes. From the very first time my son stepped onto the mat, it was re-enforcement of all the values my wife and I try and Instill in our children. I have never however seen my son more attentive while being taught. The kind but firm compassionate and positively reinforced instruction by all of the instructors especially Matt has my wife and I fully invested in the dojo for years to come. Ten minutes ago my son dropped his toys and ran outside. When we asked him where he was going he said I need good deeds for my chart and Grammys leaves need to be raked. He went to the garage for the rake and is still out there. I'm a believer.

Rob T.

My son and other family members have been attending classes at Zahand's for quite some time now and we have nothing but good things to say about the program and people involved.

My child has benefited from the program in so many ways! To name a few, I have noticed improvement in his attitude, confidence, and responsibility. I believe the structure of Zahand's unique program is the foundation for these improvements. This program has been a worthwhile investment!

My child and I have to move out of town due to life oportunities. Shihan has already terminated my contract no problem. I gave them notice and was honest and respectful about my situation and they were very reasonable and understanding. I do regret leaving the program and my child is quite disappointed. We hope to return to the area at some point.


I highly recommend Zahand's Martial Arts!

The instructors are phenomenal and so is the facility. I have witnessed my son grow in his confidence, focus, respect, goal setting, and self-discipline. To me that is priceless. We love being part of this karate family.

Take a class and find out for yourself! You will not be disappointed :)

Kids Martial Arts Cuyahoga Falls

Victoria Schreffler

We have been going to Zahand’s for about 2 years now and honestly throughout that time everyone there has been amazing. Honestly though, it wasn’t until the COVID shut downs that we could really truly understand how far that amazing would go. Out of all the companies, places, organizations that we belong to, I can tell you Zahand’s is the one that I believe went above and beyond for everyone. And when I say everyone, I am not limiting that to customers. They truly stepped up for the community and did some pretty amazing things. For the kiddos out of school, losing out on that social interaction, they invited them to join in on virtual classes. Didn’t matter if you were a student or not, for that hour you were part of the Zahand family. For those adults who were a bit stressed out, they held mediation classes and again offered it to friends and family, not only customers. For all the students they continued classes. For my kiddos karate at Zahand’s is there outlet, the thing they look forward to and if they would have lost it that would have been devastating. If you are looking for a dojo to bring your family, I would highly recommend Zahand’s!

Derek and Shelly

Zahands Martial Arts is other place provides a comprehensive guide to learning the martial arts..with an incredible stable of talented blackbelts ..Sensi matt , Sensi John and Sensi Christian and Sensi Tammy really make it feel like a fighting family..all this is brought together by Shihan Larry Zahand who has created this amazing dojo..stop don't know what your missing!

Kids Martial Arts Cuyahoga Falls

Mercy G.

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