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Bully Buster Program

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Bully Buster Program

The Bully Buster Program is a dynamic approach to teaching kids how to handle bullies in their everyday lives, without using violence to solve the issue. It was founded by a Dr.  Terrrence Webster-Doyle, which was personally modified by Sensei Matt to address issues present-day. With this modernized and revised format, Sensei Matt volunteers his time in numerous school districts helping children.

The seminar is a physical workout to get the children to understand the discipline in the martial arts (blocking is covered to teach self-defense. NO striking) and is hands-on with the steps to keep the kids' attention and help them retain the information.

With bullying being a rising issue, especially with social media, this program is meant to help the kids learn to come together as a team of friends, while educating them in twelve progressive steps to avoid fighting and stop a bully in their tracks. From the basics, like walking away to telling a higher authority, Bully Buster also uses techniques such as accepting insults instead of throwing them back.

This program is free. It is meant to help the kids harness loving themselves and their peers, so as they go through schooling, they learn to create a positive identity for themselves. Also, it teaches them to look at things from a different perspective, respecting their teachers more, and not choosing to be a victim. Instead the children are taught to be a positive influence in their surroundings.

We specifically teach that fighting is a last resort, if it were to be an option to protect one's self. This is meant to see kids stay out of trouble, avoid getting hurt, and become more team-oriented with their classmates.

For elementary students, the program is run in one day, covering the criteria with lots of fun and discipline added in. On the middle school/high school levels, the program is two days long and is more emphasized on teamwork, with a military-type approach, while being fun for the kids no matter the type of personality they have. Bully Buster is run during the gym class periods, since the kids will receive a workout, and it does not interfere with school schedule.

A goal in all grades is to relate to the kids on a level of friendship but also understand seniority and respect. Helping them understand that fighting and bullying are bad is the number one objective.


Concluding the program, Sensei Matt does offer students who are close enough to the Zahand's dojo the chance to come train if they want to embed these life skills and self-defense more into their lives. If any students do sign up with my facility, I give back 30% of the 1st month’s tuition back to the school.

Most important, this is about bettering the kids’ lives. If this changes even one child’s decision that could save their own life or someone else one day, then it is worth it.


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