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Zahand's Martial Arts

At Zahand’s Martial Arts, we provide our students with elite instruction in Traditional Karate-do, Judo, and Jiu-Jitsu. Our programs will help you reach new levels of excellence in all areas of your life, both on and off the mat. From traditional martial arts to more modern self-defense styles, there is something for everyone at Zahand’s Martial Arts. Whether you’re a member of our Kid’s or Adult Martial Arts programs, you’ll leave class with improved focus, self-discipline, and confidence. Our students have a strong sense of respect, for themselves and those around them, and we promote a positive learning environment that is free from intimidation, vulnerability, and negativity. The team attitude in our classes is both unique and contagious, helping us to create a positive culture within our school.


Our Expert Team

At Zahand’s Martial Arts, our team of instructors boasts 13 Black Belt certifications, including Shihan Larry Zahand, who is an 8th degree Black Belt. Our staff is made up of trained professionals who can help you see real results fast.


Our Core Values

We are first and foremost a family friendly facility that takes pride in helping people of all ages and experience levels thrive in the Martial Arts. We are here to help you meet and exceed all of your goals through a journey of exciting, cutting edge training.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help you raise a confident, focused leader with the life transforming experience that is Martial Arts while also training adults to get in the best shape of their lives. We’re here to support you every step of the way.


Our Promise

We pledge to provide you with a safe, supportive environment to train in every single day. We offer you the highest quality instruction without the fear of intimidation and negativity. We’re sure that no matter who you are, you’ll find success here.

Kids Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts  in Akron - Zahand's Martial Arts

Adult Martial Arts

Adult Martial Arts in Akron - Zahand's Martial Arts

Preschool Martial Arts

Preschool Martial Arts in Akron - Zahand's Martial Arts

Meet our Instructors

Mercy G. , Zahand's Martial Arts testimonialS

Zahands Martial Arts is other place provides a comprehensive guide to learning the martial arts..with an incredible stable of talented blackbelts ..Sensi matt , Sensi John and Sensi Christian and Sensi Tammy really make it feel like a fighting family..all this is brought together by .... Read more

Mercy G.

Chad P. , Zahand's Martial Arts testimonialS

Very knowledgeable staff and a great place for young development of martial arts. My son has been training here and we are very happy with where he is. I highly recommend. .... Read more

Chad P.

Brian S. , Zahand's Martial Arts testimonialS

My two boys have taken classes here for the past three years and I have for the last year. Great facility with a very knowledgeable and friendly staff. They have helped improve my family's physical fitness and improved my children's discipline and confidence. .... Read more

Brian S.

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