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Youth Program

Martial arts puts kids on an early path to grow and succeed.

Our Kids Martial Arts program will help your child develop self-confidence, discipline, and respect for others at a young age.


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7-12 Yrs

Youth Program

Skills that carry into all other aspects of life

Our martial arts classes provide a positive outlet for kids' energy. Because of this, many doctors have recommended our classses to parents looking to reduce frustration and aggressive behavior in their children. Our proven methods teach kids valuable self-defense skills, while also reinforcing responsible use of their martial arts moves.

Why do we soar above the rest, breaking records everywhere?

Our classes are energetic and engaging, yet highly educational. We put each of our instructors through a rigorous training course, resulting in a well-trained staff that is comprised of some of the world's top coaches for kids.

Your child will learn how to focus all of their attention to the task at hand, while committing themselves to learning and growing.

Your child will learn how to face challenges presented to them, knowing that the challenges will be difficult to complete. They will learn how to face and overcome those challenges alone and with peers.

Your child will learn how to overcome fear and nervousness through training and that initially seems intimidating, but that actually empowers them.

Your child will learn how to perform their martial arts skills with strong effort and attitude.

Your child will learn the components of speed and how to control their balance, body posture, and technique.

Your child will learn the mechancs that govern movement and how it plays a role when they are jumping, dodging, and moving about quickly.

Your child will learn the fundamental components of good technique, which will make them great athletes.

Your child will gain and maintan flexibility through fun and educational drills.

Our Promise to You:

  • Top-notch instruction from some of the world's best black belt instructors, personally trained by Shihan Larry Zahand.
  • Proven methods developed by Shihan Larry Zahand combined with concepts from master success coaches.
  • Individualized planning with continuous measurement, observation, and feedback for each student.
  • Unwavering accountability: although your instructors will become your friends, they will continue to challenge you, pushing you to perform at your personal best.

A Comprehensive Approach to Learning

We provide a comphensive program with a realistic approach, geared specifically toward preschoolers. We want each of our students to leave class with the "Three S's": Sweating, Smilling, and striving for move. This proven concept was created years ago by a top martial arts motivator and has continued to provide excellent results in our school.

At Zahand’s Martial Arts, we give students the tools they need to be successful in today's world and teach them to embrace their own personal power, empowering them in their own lives. Students will practice self-awareness as they learn to manage their mind and body, helping them achive even greater levels of success than they had previously imagined.

The Zahand's Tradition

We have a number of students that have grown up in our programs, going on to become doctors, lawyers, and even Navy SEALs. As our students later have children of their own, many of their children continue the tradition by becoming students at Zahand’s Martial Arts.

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Youth Program