Zahand’s Martial Arts

Upcoming Events

Posted: August 10, 2016

Here is a list of our upcoming events at Zahand's Martial Arts:

September 21st-24th

Belt Testing

Week of September 26th

Buddy Week - Bring Friends to Class

October 7th

Belt Ceremony (6pm-7pm)

October 21st

23rd Annual Halloween Party

October 29th

Shihan's teacher, O'sensei Don Madden, will be teaching a Ju-jitsu and karate seminar. Prices and time TBA.

November 11th

13th International Black Belt Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony 

December 22nd

23rd Annual Christmas Party at Quirk Cultural Center

December 22nd

Last day of classes until January 2nd

Attention Training Students and Families

Within Zahands Martial Arts we teach a rotating curriculum which involves 3 disciplines. We test for rank three times a year on the 3rd week of the 4th month. The program starts with Judo month (February, June and October), then goes into Ju-jitsu month (March, July, and November) and then finally to Karate month (April, August, and December) and finishing with a review in the month of testing over the last three months of training in the different disciplines (January, May, and September).

In the month of Judo, you will need to wear the Judo Uniform (Gi). In the month of Ju-Jitsu you will need to wear a karate Gi for Monday and Tuesday Classes, and the Judo Gi for Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday classes. For karate month, the karate Gi is worn.

In the month of testing, both uniforms may be required. The students will be informed before testing month on which uniform(s) to wear.