Sensei Jon Foss , Martial Arts Instructor

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Sensei Jon Foss

Jon began his training at the age of fourteen. He became interested in the martial arts because he wanted to learn self-defense, get in shape, and gain confidence. He found all of these when he started with Shihan Zahand at Zahand’s Martial Arts - where he has trained for over a decade. The martial arts has had a large impact on his life and has shaped him into the person he is today. He has learned a great deal about self-defense, not only on how to physically defend himself but also how to de-escalate situations to avoid physical confrontations. He has found that the martial arts have been a great avenue for stress relief as well. The martial arts training he has received has become a lifestyle for him, and it’s helping him toward his goal of becoming a law enforcement officer.

Sensei Jon is now one of the members of the Zahand’s Martial Arts instructors staff. He assists with instructing all levels of the children’s program and is the instructor for the teenage classes. His specializations are practical self-defense, weapon defense, advanced kumite, and tournament training. He wants to help students learn how to defend themselves so that they may be able to avoid physical confrontations. He also wishes to make his community a safer place.

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