Sempai Ian Laing , Martial Arts Instructor

Kids Martial Arts Cuyahoga Falls

Sempai Ian Laing

Sempai Ian Laing started his training when he was 4 years old in the preschool class under Shihan Zahand. Martial arts has helped him in many ways from saving him from a few bad falls to helping fend off his friend's vicious little sister without hurting her. Martial arts has also taught him discipline and to respect himself. He would recommend this to others because it is an excellent activity. Martial arts will help every aspect of your life and more, it will help the people around you. Studying martial arts isn't about fighting. It is not having to fight. It is about knowing enough to avoid a fight. Sempai Ian is only 13 now so he is still learning, but he tries to help where he can by helping out with demonstrations for classes and other things.

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