Sempai Alexandra Laing Kids Martial Arts Instructor

Kids Martial Arts Cuyahoga Falls

Sempai Alexandra Laing

Sempai Alex began her training with her brother Sempai Ian Laing at the age of eight after quitting ballet. She joined the beginner kids class under Shihan Zahand with her brother as he moved up from the preschool class. Martial arts and the community she has found there have given her new opportunities to explore herself and the world around her. Her training has brought her closer to her family and given her a new one at the dojo.

Through the martial arts, Alex has found confidence in herself and her abilities and through teaching, she hopes to allow others to find that confidence in themselves. Sempai Alex assists in the teen and beginner kids classes as well as the Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts programs.

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Kids Martial Arts Cuyahoga Falls

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