Charlie Hite, Martial Arts Instructor

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Charlie Hite

Hi, I am Charlie, I am a first degree black belt at Zahand's Martial Arts Starting all the way back when I was in the little Dragons preschool program.  I love Martial Arts for the Discipline they teach while still keeping class fun.  Through my years at Zahand's I have developed my valuable traits such as, leaderships, self-discipline, creativity,focus,perseverance, confidence, and many other,

Outside of the dojo, I enjoy playing many sports such golf, baseball, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, and soccer, I also love listening to and player music  I play the bass guitar with I have recently picked up, which I have been playing drums since I was 2.  I am currently enrolled at the Lippmann school, I will be am freshman at Hoban high school.  I am forever grateful for what Zahands has done for me , and I look forward to passing on the knowledge that I have learned to the younger students who can benefit from the training as much as I have through all my training.  The leadership program at the dojo has prepared me to understand how to work kids of all ages.

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